300 En no Otsukiai - Episode 1


A little expensive 300 yen sweets. The taste of the sweets that connect the two is surely very sweet and soft ♪
Enjoy “300 Yen Friendship” in Anime Edition from the latest book of Punikei Patissier / Ayumu Koji ♪
I will support my future lady and my older brother who escorts her with all my power ☆
“Hey, brother! Let’s eat together on the roof ♪”
The older brother who bought a lot of good sweets gave Manami one too, so we ate together!
The sweets I ate with my brother are sweet and delicious, and they may be tickled along the way,
Manami likes to be patted, and she also feels a little fluffy and comfortable.
What will you do today?

Why don’t you take a peek at the sweet and confidential relationship between your brother and Manami?

Adaptation from the manga of the same name.

No plot loli antics involving brother x sister.

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