Gyakuten Majo Saiban: Chijo na Majo ni Sabakarechau - Episode 1


Reverse Witch Trial-It will be judged by a Filthy Witch-THE ANIMATION
Judged by a witch and a slut! ’It is judged by a witch, and she is filthy! ‘The witch of the huge breasts body of the Electrip original is OVA of the PC game played with Slut Aura! A ruthless nasty trial-“The Reverse Witch Trial” opens! The presiding judge and prosecutor is a descendant of a witch and a beautiful senior with big tits that attracts everyone’s eye-catching “Kaoru Enma” Counsel is a classmate who was made into a meat urinal with a whim of whistling “Himeno Yuki (Himeno Yuki) “What is the whereabouts of the referee who is exposed to the unreasonable judgments that are held one after another (commitment)!

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