Toshi Densetsu Series - Episode 5

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Urban legend series Hanako of the coffin’s coffin toilet

A mysterious story was transmitted to the school where Okuda is acting. Once upon a time, a girl student named Hanako Hasegawa was overwhelmed by a janitor in the classroom, and jumped out of the classroom with that shock and committed suicide. The girl who died of worklessness can not come to adulthood and is still wandering the school …… Megumi Okuda, who is not good at scary things, was patrolling in the fearful school. Toilet not in use. The closed door looks like something out there. However, the door which opened the door was a toilet that has become a Japanese-style living space. The girl who was relaxing while sipping tea at the table, when she noticed Okuda’s presence, she floated in the air and came to approach him as it was floating. Okuda slips out. The red jumper skirt, the hair of her hair, she was an unmistakable story telling to the school, Hanako the toilet itself. Okuda is scared of encountering Hanako, but her first voice was surprising. Genre: Rape · Rape, Loli

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